The culture of an organization plays the largest role in its safety performance. ERP brings the corporate safety culture to the project site. It is the outcome of individual and team values, mindsets, perceptions, aptitude, and repeated behavior that determine true dedication to safety. ERP’s success at creating a safe work environment is a differentiating advantage we bring to your project.

Safety is our license to operate. We rely on ERP for safety solutions tailored to our business
— Aaron Siroonian, CEO Ecology Auto Parts

Safety is of the utmost importance in every task we undertake at ERP. Whether we are demolishing a structure containing hazardous materials or completing a site walk on a Phase I assessment, special care has been taken to predict areas of concern and mitigate risks. Our on-site employees have extensive health and safety training and experience and have completed the required OSHA certifications to allow them to work safely and effectively at industrial sites.



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Safety Program Development and Audits

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