Key Features

  • Supported development of more than 25 solar sites throughout West Texas

  • Interfaced with federal, state, and local agencies

  • Completed environmental assessments including cultural resources, waters of the US, and habitat; species surveys; hydrologic studies; Phase I Environmental Site Assessments


ERP has supported the development of more than 25 utility scale solar projects throughout West Texas. ERP's services generally included Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, desktop and onsite cultural resources assessments, habitat assessments, and jurisdictional waters assessments.

Additionally, ERP has completed extensive onsite surveys for the state threatened Texas horned lizard and consulted with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) regarding the potential for each Project to impact this species. In addition, ERP developed and held protected species trainings for onsite construction personnel regarding best management practices following TPWD and USFWS recommendations for minimizing species and habitat impacts. 

ERP provided engineering services by completing hydrologic studies to assist clients experiencing erosion issues at several Projects.