Key Features

  • Development of two wind energy farms

  • Interfacing with federal and state agencies

  • Constraints analysis, wetland delineation, project siting


ERP assisted Duke Energy with several tasks leading to the construction of two wind projects in Willacy and Cameron Counties, TX. In addition to preparing the successful Austin Energy bid package, project involvement covered tasks ranging from constraints identification to project planning. More specifically, ERP has held roles in mapping setbacks and environmental constraints, project siting, turbine and infrastructure micrositing, and environmental studies. These projects were completed in December 2012.

ERP entered the Duke Energy Los Vientos I and II Windpower Projects in south Texas at a critical time and was able to organize and prepare the project to successfully move forward through the development process. As a key member of the project development team, ERP’s involvement in the project continued through construction to facilitate project continuity and ensure compliance with key permits and regulations. ERP helped prepare the PPA Bid Package to Austin Energy that secured a 25-year agreement to sell electricity from the project. ERP completed a Constraints Analysis, Bat and Avian studies, and Wetland Delineation Reports, as well as had key roles in land acquisition, community outreach, permitting, and project management. The Los Vientos I and II Windpower Projects were completed in December 2012.