Key Features

  • Development of nine solar projects throughout Texas

  • Interfacing with federal and state agencies

  • Phase I ESA, SPCC Inspection and Evaluation, Biological Assessments, and Drainage Studies


To support development of OCI’s long term PPA with CPS Energy to deliver 400 MWs of solar energy, ERP played an integral role in site selection, development, and permitting. ERP completed red flag constraints analysis to help identify suitable sites, wetland assessments, a tree survey, cultural resources surveys, habitat assessments and endangered species surveys, geotechnical engineering, drainage assessments, and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

For each site and alternate site location, ERP completed reviews of permitting and regulatory requirements to help OCI evaluate the potential impact of permitting requirements on project cost and schedule. ERP was essential in helping the Alamo 1 project avoid the expensive and time consuming platting process, allowing the project to save over a million dollars in fees and complete construction on schedule.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments were completed for the various sites, which helped determine the potential for current and historic environmental impacts from contaminations with hazardous materials.  Field observations and historic records search were conducted to complete the reports.

Sites which store over 1,320 gallons of petroleum products above ground in containers of 55 gallons or more require a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan. ERP inspected the sites which fit this requirement and created SPCC plans for each.  In addition, any sites that did not incorporate secondary containment to help protect against releases were provided with an Oil Spill Contingency Plan, to act as a written commitment of manpower and resources should a release occur.